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BDRs and SDRs

Start booking 15+ meetings every month by discovering the ONE problem holding you back, and getting step-by-step guidance you can execute immediately

I've booked cold sales meetings with decision-makers at companies across industries, all the way from SMBs to Enterprise...

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About Me


I'm Mohan, an Outbound Sales expert from the UK - and your mentor and your XDR Accelerate Coach.

A bit about me ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

- Broke the record at prior company for most cold meetings booked as a BDR in first month

- Fastest ever firm promotion from BDR to Senior BDR

- Led and trained my own team of outbound sales reps across EMEA as a BDR Manager

- Leading the the UK's outbound sales at a global SaaS company as a full-cycle Account Executive

- Mentored and coached sales reps at numerous industries across the world

- Awarded LinkedIn's Official 'Top Lead Generation Voice' Badge for contributions to cold outreach

XDR Accelerate Coaching Session - What do you get?

55 Minutes

One to One

Tailored to You

Here's some of the topics that can be covered in a coaching call:

- The Opener Solution: why you get pushed off the call in the first 30 seconds, and how to change that with 2 fixes

- How to generate consistency in booking meetings, rather than scraping the bottom of the barrel for them.

- How to qualify a prospect properly without losing them over the phone

- The 3 parts to Strategic Resonance to boost your call to booking conversion rate and make the process easy

- How to close the meeting date when they ask for an email instead; yes there is a way to do this successfully.

- How to skyrocket your meeting show-up rates using 2 critical techniques

- How to overcome the daily anxiety and stress of picking up the phone (the 2-part trick)

- How to get the data you need to smash it when your company won't give it to you or doesn't have it

- How to develop and demonstrate the skills you need to progress to AE

- Cold Call roleplay

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