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Have opportunities and leads come to you

What if you had a LinkedIn profile that people were climbing over each other to work with?

With no more than 10k followers and all text posts.

I'm Mohan, Founder at Spring Drive. I've been running sales campaigns across various channels since 2018. I run Spring Drive, a B2B lead gen agency. 

I built a lot of my business through my personal brand on LinkedIn. I've been given a Top Contributor Voice badge, generate over 100k views per month, tons of inbound opportunities, and plenty of incredible new relationships.

LinkedIn also got me my first $5-10k MRR in my business in the early stages.


Generate a hugely engaged audience


Inbounds opportunities and clients

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Biggest Misconceptions about LinkedIn Branding

1. You need to post consistently

Gone are days when posting consistently is what generates a big and engaged following. It's definitely something you should do *at the right time*, but it's not the key.

2. You need at least 30k followers before anything happens

You can have less than 10k followers and consistently be generating high engagement, inbound business opportunities, and relationships with top people in your space (all of which happened with me).

3. It takes like 2-5 years to develop a brand presence

Wrong. It takes a long time to develop a huge following number. But you can generate great engagement, traction, opportunities and everything I've mentioned here in around 6 months depending on your context.

LinkedIn Transformation Consult Package

Get weekly inbound clients and opps, 100s of comments, and become a leader in your space.

1. 60 minute 1-1 consulting session

- LinkedIn profile optimization

- What kind of posts to focus on and which to ignore

- How to set up scheduling to save time

- How to create a system where it takes you 5 minutes a week to come up with post ideas

- How create a LinkedIn funnel to attract business

- How to optimize copy in a way that's easy to remember and sparks engagement

- How to get a point where you don't have to be engaging heavily anymore and maintain buoyancy

2. We write your LinkedIn About Section Copy

- We'll write your LinkedIn about section so it creates authority, interest, and sparks follows from people who visit your profile

3. We write your LinkedIn Headline

- Your headline is the first thing people see and top of the funnel. We'll write this in a way that captures attention and authority

4. We design your LinkedIn Headline Banner

- We'll design a LinkedIn banner for you that speaks to your brand and exudes authority and character

Price: $399

Got questions?

Just DM me on LinkedIn

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