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We drive your pipeline, you focus on growth.

Do you want to spend your time finding leads or closing deals with prospects who are already interested?

Helping B2B Companies Across Industries Globally

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A few of our campaigns generating real interest for our clients

The average warm lead to email ratio is around 1 in 350. Our campaigns smash these numbers (see more below)...

(These are actual results from our campaigns)

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Warm leads that have shown positive interest in your offer

We've generated sales opportunities with local businesses all the way up to enterprise

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You get leads that open a conversation vocalizing real interest in you

Unlike a traditional MQL from a PPC campaign, our leads are opening a dialogue by writing directly back to you via email. This action is far more intentional than a conventional marketing step that hasn't signified any interest in conversation with your team.

(Below are actual screenshots from our campaigns)

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  • How do you know your leads are good quality?
    We believe that lead quality is a holistic process. 1. We go deep into research with you at the start to ensure that your campaign is built to the information you give us - ensuring they are targeting the right people with the right message. 2. Unlike a traditional MQL from a PPC campaign, our leads are opening a dialogue by actually writing directly back to you via email. This action is far more intentional than a simple download or step that hasn't signified any interest in opening conversation with your team. 2. You'll get full approval before a campaign goes live to ensure it's a strategy you're happy with (including the copy and lists). 3. You'll have access to our platform to view the email threads with warm leads for full transparency, so you'll know how a prospect has turned into a warm lead.
  • I'm worried about my brand reputation - how do you protect this?
    Writing overly-salesy messages aren't just bad for reputation, they don't covert well. Instead, we write sophisticated messaging that is well targeted and earnest. But - to make sure you're happy, you'll also get to approve everything before it goes out anyway. In addition, we use secondary domains so your primary business website domain is always protected.
  • Are you just sending out AI bot responses in your copy?
    No. We don't just use a ChatGPT-type responder or anything like that - precisely because most AI responses are, well, pretty cringe. We hand-write all our copy that comes from actual experience in the trenches. In fact, as AI responders become more popular because they save time (even though the quality isn't good), messaging will all start to look the same. So as we continue to invest time and human focus on your campaigns, we actually help you stand out more.

AI & Tech Stack Expertise

Be assured - we don't AI-wash everything. We understand that the best results come from a mix of human-led experience and flair, with the power of AI and automati0n to unleash that at scale.

Where we do use AI and automation, we make sure to leverage the most sophisticated tech that produces powerful and scalable campaigns.

From finding hidden prospects in far pockets of the datasphere, to enriching leads with innovative and creative research, our sales tech expertise allows us to do things most teams can't.

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Michael Gray, FinRec

"It's been great working with Mohan on cold email campaigns. His ability to use AI and get really relevant and personalized with our target decision makers rather than just spraying and praying has been great. It's been delivering leads and conversations as a powerful marketing channel for us."
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Hugo Fredon, Prospeo

"Mohan's in-depth research and understanding of our audience is not just impressive but effective. His hard work and strategic approach to outbound campaigns greatly increased our signup rate through perfect messaging and sequencing."

I'm Mohan, Founder at Spring Drive. I've been running sales campaigns across various channels since 2018. I've broken outbound sales records at prior firms, coached and mentored BDRs across EMEA, and built out outbound strategies for companies from scratch.

But more importantly, I enjoy going for long walks where I contemplate life and what I'll be having for dinner (mostly thinking about the latter actually).


John, Co-Founder


Nick, Owner

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Doron, Founder


"I've had incredible conversations with the exact decision-makers in the context that I need to speak to in order to close business."

The Pillars of Our Outbound Process

Step 1. Research & Data

We try and get as much data as possible from your business, going deeper into the research, so we can resonate with your prospects like nobody else.

Conventional Way

- Generic understanding of your ICP

- Broad pain research

Our Method

- Get as granular as possible with the data available to prioritize research from the off. 

- Data matching with our ICP

- Data layering

- Client composition analysis

- Deep pain research

- Secondary data methods to obtain contextual research


Step 2. Email Deliverability

Common setups

- Minimal technical setup (one domain, maybe a few inboxes)

- High volume approach

- Warm up

- Primary domain involvement

Our method:


- Grouped inbox and domain setup through secondary domains

- Inbox rotation

- Spam word analysis for every campaign

- Spintax

- Double-validation where needed

- Send timing buffers

- Relevance targeting prioritization

- Volume through segmented micro-campaigns

- Step-Calibrated Warm up

- Ongoing domain reputation monitoring

- And more

Step 3. List Building

By using our data expertise, we create ultra-targeted segments which allows our messaging to be hyper-relevant and far more targeted than the conventional way of list building.

Conventional list building

- Example: 'Tech Companies in the UK under 500 employees'

- Minimal layering

Our method

- Example: 'Tech companies in the UK under 500 employees that have 'data automation' as a service on their website and who are currently hiring for AI engineers and data engineers.'

- Using trigger, intent and signal data to tightly segment lists

- Layering multiple data to create ultra-relevancy

Step 4. Messaging/Copy


Let's be honest, most sales copy sucks. It sounds salesy, it sounds pushy - or it sounds like the writer is trying too hard to be cool and not be those things. At Spring Drive we understand how to make copy that hits - writing in quick, colloquial and honest language. We use techniques such as push/pull and justifications to develop trust and create engagement. We're not a fan of textbook 'Hey, are you looking for X to help with Y?' type sentences. We like smart, earnest, and inviting messaging.

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